Lifting with struts?
Then you will need the professional services of this local company!

Looking around you'll see the use of struts in many differing applications. Most common are the struts that hold up your  bonnet, boot, tailgate and hatchback on your car . Then there's the application in a majority of recreation vehicles and marine vessels

You'll also find struts being used in the home, being applied to items such as sewing machine cabinets, overhead cupboard doors, glass microwave oven cover doors, louvers, toy boxes and the ever popular bar stools.

In the office environment struts are used extensively for the complete range of office chairs.

When Struts fail, they can be dangerous as they will no longer perform the job that they've been designed to do. As an example you'd appreciate how annoying it would be if your strut holding up the tail gate of your car kept falling down on you while your loading the shopping or trying to get pram into the car. Likewise we've all experienced the office chair that keeps dropping down while you're busy typing a letter or discussing important business strategies on the phone.

Thanks to Strut Technology Cairns they can fix the strut problems with either a fully reconditioned (if applicable) strut, or you can enjoy a selection of new struts designed and manufactured to the highest specification and suitable for all applications.

 All it takes is a phone call to our office to allow our team to arrange a convenient time for you to call in and have the repair done.




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