Since the year 2000 Strut Technology Cairns has been instrumental in helping North Queenslanders lift their lids…open their car boots and even light their way!

From an involvement in the motoring industry dating back to 1976, Shaun O'Donahoo commenced Strut Technology Cairns to provide a speedy service   in the supply and reconditioning of all struts used in any office, commercial, industrial, retail, home, motoring and recreational applications

Conveniently located in the industrial hub of Cairns North Queensland, Strut Technology Cairns will service the needs of these industries throughout the region supplying only the highest quality product combined with a professionally equipped workshop offering, in most cases a fully guaranteed reconditioning service for all struts, in all applications.

The company then identified the need for a dedicated engineering/ hardware outlet to provide quality components to all areas of the motor, coach and marine building industries, panel beaters, the aircraft industry along with the supply of gear to all sectors of retail, commercial and the industrial.

This newly formed Strut Technology Cairns became the perfect adjunct to the existing operation in 2009 and prides itself on an equal level of quality service using quality ptoducts

Both divisions are operating from a 140sq meter retail outlet & workshop facility, they offer, for the convenience of all their clients, a fully air conditioned waiting room whilst they repair their client's gas stays or make their important buying decisions from the huge variety of available products on display.

This highly specialized operation, Strut Technology Cairns prides itself on being truly local, available and ready to provide the most competitive prices and a quality service regime for all their gear.


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New and reconditioned car gas struts, car boot/hatch/bonnet struts, cupboard struts, chair lift struts, LED lighting, truck and trailer lamps, tail lights, ute lights, and caravan lights, located in Cairns North Queensland Australia.